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Diana For Him Ministries

Sharing Knowledge and Adding Value

Diana For Him Ministries has continued to move forward over the past 16 years, adding 21st-century tools to its more traditional Biblical teaching platform. In addition to Life and Career Coaching, we are adding a new service, PageCreator, which is a very personal assistant that works with you to develop your life mission and vision as God reveals it to you. There is Leader Development, an online treasure of cited research about some of the best practice and cutting-edge issues facing organizations today; a Must for those who want to stay on top of their game. 

Word Wisdom is our podcast ministry with over 100 recordings produced on the Blog Talk Radio platform. The podcasts are all Biblical-based and Scriptural, and most recordings are 15 minutes in length to accommodate your busy schedule. Subjects are unique and relevant, such as  "Learning Your Way To Destiny," a 3-part series that shows the role lifelong learning plays on your ability to reach your God-ordained destiny. "God's Plan To Subvert Satan's Mission Against The Church," is a podcasts that explains how Satan plans to divert Believers from God's Divine plan. If you are a teacher or want to be, we highly recommend these podcasts as a teaching source.  

Scripture Videos are one of our newer project still very much in the works, where we are creating PowerPoint videos as teaching and evangelistic tools. We live in a society today where people are much more likely to watch a three-minute video than they will read a two-minute written post. These are tools you can use to share Biblical truths with family and friends, especially with the unsaved, and you never have to open your mouth. It's a powerful concept and we would love your feedback. 

To date, we have four eBooks available through Amazon. Our latest is entitled, "The Organization That Jesus Built and How He Built It," is an unusual read that examines some of the issues that Jesus faced as he built the first Church, one of the oldest living organizations in humankind.  We think that says that Jesus knew something about building organizations.  What makes this such an interesting read is the fact that in the book, we actually compare some of the issues with issues facing organizations today, including Christian organizations. 





When the Lord told Habakkuk to "Write the vision..." he wanted him to document the vision to preserve it.  It was not for right then, but for an appointed time (Habakkuk 2:2).  

PageCreator, helps you begin the process of writing your vision, and putting it online where you can look at it, develop it as God reveals it, and maintain it until the appointed time. 

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